Royalties Must Be Paid To All IP Clients “I.P. Owners”

Data Collectors Must Pay Royalties to IP Account Holders Who Pay For Internet Access

Judgment 2013:

>Every IP holder pays or uses his or her address and is unique to that & their IP Address!!

So, therefor, upon the discovery of “DATA COLLECTORS” and servers making money off of their usage and information, it is thereby required that all collectors pay royalties for every account that they collect data from.

Every I.P. (ISP’s Know their number & account) should & shall retain a sum of revenue for due allowance of their personal (intellectual property) account payable (A.S.A.P.) within 30 days of request of data.

All inquiries of data must put in deposit a sum of cash funds for distribution to all accounts on the internet & the W.W.W. for “those” whose DATA they intend to collect those IP,s (Personal account holders) that they are collecting.

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone

Urantia Planetary Government – Urantia Universal Military – Universal Police Force – Owner/Operator

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