My Mission in Blog

My Mission in Blog

Q: Why is it that I blog? Why do I write? Why do I have websites of many flavors? Why am I sending messages across the internet?

A: Case in point:

PCH (Publishers Clearing House) has a search engine that you can use and get entries for their sweepstakes. I get creative sometimes when finding search material, LOL. Lately I have been blogging about the NSA.

So, this one time led me to an article about NSA intercepting laptops and other communication devices in order to plant spyware on equipment ordered from various retail outlets.

Do you know what was cool about it?

I posted it to one of my blogs that automatically tweets it for me. ( Then all of a sudden multiple articles started popping up on the media storms.

Look at the time table of these 2 posts. The first one was my starter. The second was one I saw right after I posted the article I first found.

So, why do I blog?

Because it is informative, communicative, neighborly, creative & down right fun!!


(Planetary Prince)

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