Are You Alive? Or is somebody else running your life?

Are You Alive?

Or is somebody else running your life?

In an age where everybody is doing it, why are you so hard up? You people get so bent of  shape – over what someone else is doing. & The TRUTH be told – you want to do it too. But, you are too worried about what everyone else thinks of you.

#1. – Do never care about what anyone else thinks about you. They don’t own you, and they are not providing for your spirit life and will not be the determiner of your life destiny.

#2. – If You Have FAITH – Keep it to yourself. Do not impose your beliefs, or your religion on anyone else. *It is for you only!! Keep it that way.

#3. – Enjoy Life!! – You are only here for a short while. Grasp all the pleasure that you can from your experiences. When, (If) you are resurrected you will only retain the memories that made you stronger. *Just coasting by doesn’t stick.

#4. – Don’t forget God. You must, by all means, invest all of your life into God. Otherwise you will have nothing to show for yourself when your life is done. God is everything!!

#5. I Know Whereof I Speak. I am who I say I am. You do not have to have faith in me. But, you do have to have faith in God.

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