What does God’s Word really say about homosexuality?

 What does The Urantia Book say about homosexuality?

Jesus once said, “I have come to proclaim the establishment of the Father’s kingdom. And this kingdom shall include the worshiping souls of Jew and gentile, rich and poor, free and bond, for my Father is no respecter of persons; his love and his mercy are over all.”

The Urantia Book makes it clear that God does not favor one child over another, nor withhold his affection and ministry because of ideological, religious, cultural or racial variances. Human sexuality is not a deterrent to the quality of the spiritual relationship between man and God. Sexual preference does not diminish God’s love for man nor man’s ability to love and crave to know God.

The Urantia Book also tells us that in order for human beings to acquire genuine altruism, we must encounter situations of social inequality. It says that God would have us create a true brotherhood of mankind based on the fact of our shared spiritual parentage, but this will be impossible so long as we continue to find reasons to hate each other in God’s name. In a sense, the book holds up our sincere love for one another as the best way to measure our spiritual maturity. The Urantia Book absolutely does exalt the man-woman partnership as the most ideal environment for child rearing and says that good families are the foundation of civilization, but it does not declare social edicts.
Before the teachings of Jesus which culminated in Pentecost, women had little or no spiritual standing in the tenets of the older religions. After Pentecost, in the brotherhood of the kingdom woman stood before God on an equality with man. Among the one hundred and twenty who received this special visitation of the spirit were many of the women disciples, and they shared these blessings equally with the men believers. No longer can man presume to monopolize the ministry of religious service. The Pharisee might go on thanking God that he was “not born a woman, a leper, or a gentile,” but among the followers of Jesus woman has been forever set free from all religious discriminations based on sex. Pentecost obliterated all religious discrimination founded on racial distinction, cultural differences, social caste, or sex prejudice. No wonder these believers in the new religion would cry out, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” The Urantia Book (2065.2) 194:3.14

*Also – Do you not realize that you can not judge good or evil by what you, personally, like or dislike?

*Some religionists judge same sex as sin. That is contrary to God’s Word in the first place.

1 – Do Not Judge. You are not the Judge of someone else’s eternal life or of their relationship with God. God’s Word teaches against judging your fellow man (neighbor).

2 – Do not condemn others. God’s Word says love your neighbor, not condemn them.

3 – The Bible was written mainly by religious bigots who also practiced intolerance. Intolerance is against God’s Word.

*So, instead of condemning other people for their sexual preferences, practice the True Word of God and love them instead!!

4 – God Loves Unconditionally!!


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