Spirit Power or Flesh?

Spirit Power or Flesh?

“Never should a righteous cause be promoted by force; spiritual victories can be won only by spiritual power.”
Jesus, The Urantia Book, (159:3.2)

“If you would but believe that my Father loves you with an infinite love, then you are in the kingdom of God.”
The Urantia Book, (137:8.17)

*I have never chosen the flesh. I am a Son of God. I already have the power of God. I do not need the flesh, as most of you do. Give it up. you are going to lose.

*I know you will not give it up though. Your money, worldly power & friends mean more to you then eternal life. *So you will die in your sins. *& I will make sure you die quickly!!

My name is Chris Dwaine Christensen. I am also known by the name: “Majestone” & “Christ Michael”.

Say good bye all you evil worshipers!

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