Who Is The Real Cool Fool?

Who Is The Real Cool Fool?

Who is the one who wants to impress friends and others in the world?

The one who wants to attain worldly goods to feel important.

The one who thinks appearance, possessions, wealth & connections is the gain of life.

Who is the real cool fool?

Any person in this world who is affected by what another human being thinks of them.

The ones who do not have a real root in eternal life and substitutes with placated & fabricated worldliness.

The ones who are embarrassed by their association with real spiritual beings.

WHO is the real cool FOOL?

The idiots who put their trust in money.

The humans who end up being only temporal because they didn’t invest their short & intense life into God and His meaningful, valuable and loving gift of personality.

People who think someone else is cool because they got game.

Are You A Cool Fool?

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