Required to chip all newborns from May 2014!

Required to chip all newborns from May 2014!


From May 2014, through Europe while unborn child will be obliged to receive a subcutaneous RFID chip. Public hospitals in the European Union are to be warned .

The chip in question will be provided with the information sheet on the newborn .

This chip will also (and especially ) tattoo bestial ! It will be a powerful GPS sensor that will work with a micro- replaceable battery every 2 years in state hospitals.

GPS chip allows a margin of error of 5 meters , as saying that it is perfect . It will be connected directly to a satellite , which will manage the connections.

As predicted , this chip will be mandatory for all children born after May 2014 , but with a current certification period until December 2016 .

For those who want to know more , know it will be located under the left elbow.

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