Red Death Warrant Packet or Green Life Pass Packet 2-14-2014

Annihilation of evil, wicked, satanic & unrepentant sinners – iniquitous beings is coming now!!

*Christ Michael – Majestone – Chris Dwaine Christensen – Urantia Planetary Prince & Supreme Spirit Executioner

Instructions –

Everyone will have an envelope.

On the top, on the one side, will be their Name, in English and other languages. *Do not open it here. This is their name seal.

***On the side – in the middle – there will be a tab.

Pull this tab and peel it back and you will see their name on a red death packet or a green life packet.

Red means they are dead.

Green means they are alive.

If they have a Red Death Warrant Packet they will be killed (Even annihilated).


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