Who or what is standing in the way of progress in this world?

Who or what is standing in the way of progress in this world?

First I want to make a list of things or subjects that I believe are standing in the way of this world and the human race achieving light & life, also widely known as peace.

1. Hate

2. Greed

3. Bigotry

4. Racism

5. Fear

6. Hypocrites

7. Discrimination

8. False Religion

9. Secret Orders of Sinners

10. Corrupt Corporations

11. Corrupt Governments

12. Corrupt Politicians

13. War Mongers

14. Money Worshipers

15. False Teachers

16. Witches & Satanists

17. Sorcerers, Drugs. Pharmaceuticals & Evil Scientists

18. Deceptive Mechanisms

19. Physical Poisons in the water, food & air

20. Egotism

21. Pride of Self

22. Ignorance

23. Lack of true faith

24. Traditions

25. Human Tendencies

26. Diseases

27. Inferior Human Strains

28. Sinful Music

29. Barbarism

30. Laziness

I will be following up with a list of solutions to counter act these evil forces a little later on.

Chris Dwaine Christensen – Majestone

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