I Want To Save Everybody!!

I am a home without occupants. I am a shelter without tenants. I am a refuge without victims. I am a Son of God who does not find enough children to save. Why are there so many children dying young? They have all been taken over by the enemy. The worldly governments lure them with food & water & they entice them with money. I call all my fellow ministers but they do not gather. This is the age of materialism.
I will have a new visitation soon. But much death of humans and marring will take place first.
I am at a loss to tell you so. When mercy is exhausted justice takes over. I do not blame you. I do not judge you. I only seek to save you. I seek to heal you. I ask for forgiveness. Will you, my friend, also ask our Father to forgive everyone in this world? I have Childreamia (A Universe of Universes in the first Outer Space Level) to engage in the salvation of all beings. The Supreme Being & I are working out these plans. If I say that I love you will you believe me? I really do love you. I love all of you. Even to save all those that have ever existed and everyone who will ever exist. This is my plan. (********Re-amimation & Re-integration in “Childreamia********)!! I am Majestone of Paradise.

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