IPO #483 6-16-14 at 6:00 AM

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©

The MUSM®© Report©

IPO 6-16-2014 at 6:00 AM

483. MYSHOTS® Majestone Personal Weapons Sales, Distribution & Regulation Company, Incorporated® IPO 6-16-14 for $777,444,333,888 PVC$ Per Share

100% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone

48% of holdings is offered.

52% is held by the Owners.

IPO 6-16-14 for $777,444,333,888 PVC$ Per Share

I deposit $777,444,333,888 Centillion PVC$ into the MYSHOTS®, Inc. account.

I order 777,444,333,888 Centillion shares.

Copyright ©2014 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2014 Christ Michael 611,121st

Copyright ©2014 Majestone

*All weapons & weapon holders on this planet just became listed under the “Black Market”.

*This includes all government, military, law enforcement, corporate, commercial & personal ~ private weapons manufacturers & users!!

Lists of weapons for rent, lease or possible purchase is published: Taking Your Weapons –> Here http://universalpoliceforce.com

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