The Anti-Christ Has Been Discovered!!

The Anti-Christ has been discovered!!

There are very deceived humans on this planet that engage in “Channeling”. Now, there is a being who calls himself Christ Michael ATON, this is your Anti-Christ!! Every message published that they say came from this Dark Liar is phony!! The real Christ does not need a “Mothership” to hover over head in space!!

You were warned many years ago not to entertain false spirits. You were also told to Test the spirits.

This type of communication falls under the same category as “Mediums, Séances, Necromancy, etc.” – do not be deceived!!

This false Christ offers no salvation and is only working with other false prophets to deceive the whole world.

Believe in the true & genuine Gospel of Jesus. Do not trust in the riches of this world!! Instead lay up for your selves treasures in Heaven where moths nor rust can corrupt.

You can do Google search on this “Christ Michael Aton” & you will quickly see his lies of false prophecies!!

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