My Reply To ATON!!

Reply To ATON!! (*About My UMAXI$®,Inc. PVC$ Award Program)

If only you knew the Truth!! Heavenly Treasures are Spiritual realities, real Spiritual meanings & values. The world’s corrupt currency system is a promoter of greed and materialism. Humans murder each other for money. Some day in the age of Light & Life humans will use a system based on accountability based on good & honest public service. They can measure their usage with a simple credit system and take away cash & coins. The Seraphic Planetary Government is ministering to nudge men onto better ideas. So also is the Holy Spirit & the Spirit of Truth ministering by guiding mankind to truth & righteousness. While the Thought Adjusters (The Universal Father’s Spirit) work spiritualize the mind of men, members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny intervene in the affairs of the human race to promote love, peace & harmony. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. But, he said before he can bring peace he must first bring a sword. I know whereof I speak. “Paradise Value Credits” is not material & earthly monies. They are similar to Personality Credits. Trust not in the riches of this world. Instead put yourself up treasures in Heaven where moths nor rust can corrupt.

I AM The Creator!!

UMAXI$ – Urantia Mortals PVC$ Award Program, Incorporated®

Posted on January 10, 2014 by Majestone

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©

The MUSM®© Report©

Urantia Mortals PVC$ Award Program, Incorporated® 

The Urantia Family Cultural Ministry Counsel shall be the Head Administration of UMAXI$®, Inc.

Each Urantia Mortal shall have a Personal Bank Account created in The Universal Bank of Urantia, Inc. (UBOUI®, Inc.) with an initial deposit of $606,000,000 PVC$. 

This UMAXI$ PVC$ award program is retroactive from January 1st, 2013 and is made for every human being on Urantia. Every Urantian has the same opportunity regardless of race, gender, beliefs or status.

When a Urantia Mortal does good they receive a PVC$ award in their account. 

The minimum reward is $606 PVC$.

The maximum reward is $6,060,000,000 PVC$.

The UMAXI$ PVC$ Award Program is funded by Majestone Chris Dwaine Christensen from The Bank of Majestone (TBOM®, Inc.) and is sponsored and backed by The Universal Father on Paradise.

378. UMAXI$® Urantia Mortals PVC$ Award Program, Incorporated® IPO 1-10-14 for $62,008,100 per share.

50% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone & MEINC®

50% Owned by UMAXI$®, Inc.

44% of Holdings is offered.

56% is held by the Owners.

IPO 1-10-14 for $62,008,100PVC$ Per Share.

I am depositing $62,008,100Centillion PVC$ into the UMAXI$®,Inc. account. 

*I would like to order 62,008,100 Centillion shares of UMAXI$®,Inc.

Copyright ©2013 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2013 Majestone

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