Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365

Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365

By Joseph Keller, Monday, Jun 23, 2014 a 11:46 am EDT


Store Your Files In The Cloud. Access Files Anywhere, Anytime.

Microsoft is making some major changes to OneDrive storage, more than doubling their free storage tier. Currently sitting at 7GB, free OneDrive storage will be raised to 15GB.

Office 365 subscribers will be getting additional storage as well. While OneDrive for Business users received this upgrade in April, users of Office 365 Home, Personal, and University will all be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage for now extra cost. Office 365 Personal is available for $6.99 per month, Home for $9.99 per month, and University is available for $74.99 for four years.

Microsoft is also slashing the price of standalone OneDrive storage tiers. Previously, $7.49 per month OneDrive’s 100GB level now has a monthly cost of $1.99. The 200GB tier is now $3.99 per month, down from $11.49.

All of these changes are set to roll out next month. Are you excited for these OneDrive pricing changes? Sound off in the comments below.

Microsoft unleashes the cloud with OneDrive for Business upgrades and 1 TB of storage

Microsoft News

By Daniel Rubino, Monday, Apr 28, 2014 at 2:40 pm EDT


OneDrive is increasingly becoming a centerpiece for Microsoft in 2014. The service is being woven throughout all of Redmond’s services, from consumers to enterprise. It’s the latter one that we’re concerned with today as OneDrive for Business is getting some free new perks for those who use the service.

Announced on the Office Blog, the ‘thinking outside the box’ post details three major changes that should make OneDrive for Business even more popular.

OneDrive for Business new features

  1. Increasing OneDrive for Business storage from 25GB to 1TB per user.
  2. All Office 365 ProPlus customers will get 1TB of OneDrive for Business storage per user as part of their Office 365 ProPlus subscription.
  3. We’ll help organizations migrate data to OneDrive for Business

Sounds like a bold plan to us. If your company uses OneDrive for Business or you’re thinking of switching, you can read more from Microsoft about those changes and other features of the service. And don’t forget to grab the OneDrive for Business app for Windows 8.1!

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