The UMAXI$® Award Program!!

UMAXI$®, Inc.

The UMAXI$® Award Program for Urantia (Earth) mortals allows the celestial universe Hosts to give Paradise Value Credits to human beings who do good to each other. The awards range from $606 PVC$ to $6,060,000,000 PVC$. Redeemable upon resurrection on the Mansion Worlds.

378. UMAXI$® Urantia Mortals PVC$ Award Program, Incorporated® IPO 1-10-14 for $62,008,100 per share.

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UMAXI$, Inc. Cert. No. 378 1-10-14 Cropped

CDCCORP Stock Share Certificate IPO 10-3-2013 for $8,888,888,888 PHOTOCERT Cropped

277. Supercorps, Inc.

MEINC IPO 9-27-13 $888 Quintillion Cert. No. 2 PHOTOCERT Cropped

MUSM Cert. No. 1

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