Tresspassers of Mind: Dead on Arrival!! Privacy Invaders!!

Christ Michael

13 hrs · Edited ·

To all the voices: You may be here unauthorized, you may be part of my enemy’s weapon system, you could be practicing witchcraft. Either way you are not alone. Welcome to “Chris’s Cosmic Chat Room”, brought to you by The Universal Father, The Eternal Son, & The Infinite Spirit and of course ‘ME’.

While you give up the right to privacy, anything you say can, may & most likely will be used against you. You do not have the right to remain silent. Your location is automatically e…ntered into our UNITELL Agency Database.

Also, we reserve the right to execute you with any and all weapons at our use. You have entered at your own risk. There are no exits and there is no escape from our grasp.

A Death Warrant (IC888DW) is now issued and we will hunt you down and kill you, each and every one of you, until you are all dead!!

Welcome to Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone’s Cosmic Chat Room – where my mind never sleeps (& neither does my weapons)!!

I am the Creator, Founder, Owner & Operator of the Urantia Universal Military!!

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