Keep that Prison away from Salt Lake City!!

Tell everyone in Utah to stand up for Salt Lake City & stand with Mayor Ralph Becker “No State Prison”!!

It is the most stupidest idea I have ever heard of to put a State Prison inside or around Salt Lake City (our Capital)!! I live in Salt Lake City, keep that Prison away from Salt Lake City!!


Remove the proposed North Site and West Site from consideration for prison relocation.

Ralph Becker

Salt Lake City is the wrong place for the State Prison.  Unfortunately, two of the State’s final sites under consideration are in our City, and as the City Council and Mayor Becker outlined in their detailed report and analysis, neither site meets the conditions established by the State’s Prison Relocation Commission.  Mayor Ralph Becker and the Salt Lake City Council have pledged to “fight [the prison] every step of the way.

Join Mayor Ralph Becker and the Salt Lake City Council in opposing these sites by signing the petition that will tell the state legislature NO to the prison in Salt Lake City.

Relocating the prison to the City’s northwest quadrant would cost taxpayers more, impact the development and growth of our economy, affect sensitive wetlands, and create an unsafe and potentially inhumane environment for those working and living in the prison. 

The low elevation and proximity to the Great Salt Lake places the proposed sites at risk from flooding and liquefaction from a seismic event.  The wetlands surrounding the Great Salt Lake are a fragile ecosystem that protects countless birds and animal species native to our environment.  Finally, some of the sites put the prison directly below the path of airplanes – making it the first site people see when they fly in and forcing those working and living in the prison to be subjected to constant fly over by jet airplanes.

Salt Lake City is the wrong site for the prison, and we need your help.  Please sign the petition.

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