Universal Police Force – Universal Law Enforcement – Law Codes: UPF-606-MIND WILL Ethics-5.30.15


Universal Law Enforcement – Universal Police Force – Urantia Outpost #606

Law Codes: UPF-606-MIND WILL Ethics-5.30.15

All creatures of will dignity, such as human beings, have been gifted with volition, or the right of choice. Such volition is considered sovereign by the Creator(s) of such “free will”.

Violating a being’s right of choice, or sovereign free will, is a Universal Crime.

God (The Creator) does not invade man’s minds, or any being of free will choice, without permission.

So, any being who invades the minds of others, against their will or knowledge, is trespassing & violating their sanctity of mind and right of free choice.

This “Universal Crime” cannot & will not go unpunished.

The Penalty for invading another being’s mind is death. There is no appeal to this verdict for such a violation or trespass. This type of unlawful invasion & trespass is considered murder and/or attempted murder.


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