Windows 10 is the "Darth Vader" Operating System!!

Windows 10 is the “Darth Vader” Operating System!!

I have now titled Windows 10 as the “Darth Vader” Operating System by Microsoft!!
Beware of the “Darth Vader” O/S!!

“Darth Vader” – Windows 10 – is an invasive O/S that will be a data collection tool for the U.S Government and other corrupt corporations and will be intended as a 24/7, 365 day espionage device incorporated in your PC, Phone or Tablet which has Windows 10 – “Darth Vader”.

“Darth Vader” will automatically submit all of your personal data to Microsoft and its partners without you ever being able to opt out.

Plus, you will be forced into automatic updates without an opt out feature, even with the Pro version you will still have to take all updates eventually without opting out.

Beware of WINDOWS 10 the “Darth Vader” operating system by Microsoft.

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