Post from UBRON on August 30th, 2002

The Coming Years-Fine Tuned Chris Christensen – Friday, August 30, 2002


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The Coming Years-Fine Tuned

Hello all,

In the coming years politicians will make their moves through war propaganda, Some in near months.

Do NOT trust the President, Mr. Bush, who will use war to raise his ratings for re-election.

(Cultures who are biased and think they are ‘The chosen ones’ will seek to perpetuate their race.)

The ‘Chosen Race’ is Israel and their movement to eradicate near neighbors. They will be part of the near coming war. China will increase its involvement.

Governments who hide the existence of extra-terrestrials will be exposed.

There will be a new awakening in society all over the globe. The world as a society will awaken to see the cover-ups of the governments and the use of the media. The re-awakening will cause the media to open up to the public on deceptions of individuals, companies and government.

There will be a rise in UFO’s in 2003 – 2008.

Extra-terrestrials will be exposing themselves and eventually intervene in the midst of war(s).

A mean leader will be killed, not by human beings.

There will be civil unrest.

War protests will ignite militia involvement. America included.

Keep a closer watch on your children. There is going to be a rise in child kidnaping.

Diseases (plagues) will continue to rise. Drugs (sorcery) will continue to rise. Famine and pestilence will continue to rise.

The wings of the “Son Of Righteousness” will begin to heal the world. – The progeny of the Second Adam will help rejuvenate the earth. Scientists will discover healing properties in the ‘biologic rejuvenators’.

The earth will begin to be cleansed. Social awakening will lead to religious awakening. Religious awakening will lead to spiritual awakening.

Urantia will experience these great ‘awakenings’. Altruism will start to spread world-wide. 2030 – 2062

In Loving Spirit,

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